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Zayden Wright

The circumstances surrounding Zayden's life have always been... unique. Zayden was born outside of Cermon City just before his parents found themselves in the midst of a skirmish against Manst forces; he was the last sonto to be born on Tronun. Porter, his grandfather, helped Zayden foster his creative ability. Like his grandfather, Zayden has developed his inventive capabilities. If he can imagine it, he can create it.


Reid Wright

Reid Wright is the active leader of the military of Wreene, husband to Darcy Wright, and father to Zayden Wright. He is an amazing tactician, strategist, commander, and speaker. Although he has never excelled as much as the other Soldier Elites in fighting, he has earned the title through countless wins in the face of overwhelming odds.


Darcy Wright

Darcy is a mother first and a soldier second. She understands the value of war but, because of her violent past, she despises it. Though a soldier's life is far from her ideal, Darcy has chosen to support her husband and her country by fighting.


Dr. Porter Wright

Porter is one of the oldest sonto beings alive with a strong passion for invention. His long life has given him the opportunity to pioneer new fields of science, engineering, architecture, technology, and medicine.


Finn Abern

Finn is the largest sonto in history. His brute strength cannot be measured using normal scientific techniques. He fights to protect his people and dominates all who stand in the way of that mission. He is the most intimidating teddy bear you will ever meet.


Keira Radner

Growing up without her mother, Keira heavily relied on her father, Axel, for support. Axel taught her the trade he knew best: ship mechanic. Finding her knack alongside her father, Keira lives for the smell of engine grease.


Axel Radner

Axel didn't sign up to be a single dad. Since his wife's passing when their daughter, Keira, was just a child, Axel has done everything he can to keep his daughter off the battlefield and in the repair shop. Axel is a stocky, lovable sonto with the wisdom of an elder and the etiquette of grease monkey.


Rune Sharp

Born of the Lanjamin nation, Rune was surgically made into a soldier after almost dying during a rebel uprise. His alterations, coupled with his natural talent, have made him the fastest and most efficient sniper on the planet. He has no family ties; he lives only to serve the nation of Wreene.


Zorah "Thrash" Runon

The master swordsman Titan Runon taught his daughter Zorah his technique of hand-to-hand combat. Zorah was nicknamed "Thrash" during the war because of her quick thinking and pure speed. The nickname stuck and she quickly became the first female Soldier Elite. Zorah cares about two things: being a soldier and carrying on her father's legacy.



Aiden Yoley

Aiden is a high ranking officer in the Court of Nations and is well known across Manst nation as a woman not to be trifled with. Once titled "wife of Donovon Yoley," Aiden has worked her way up to the top and now takes what she wishes.



Something dangerous inhabits the body of Thomas Yoley—is it a cimmerian or something else entirely? The circumstances of just how Calamitous came to be have been lost through the ages. One thing about this shadowy being is certain: he desires nothing more than the extermination of sontokind and he’ll do whatever it takes to make that desire reality.