Everything is lost and the war rages on.

War has been the only thing we sontos have known. For centuries, the twelve nations of our world fought for supremacy. Our battles against one another ravaged our home planet of Tronun, stripping it of the natural food source that had once been abundant.

However, we found a new source of energy: cimmerians. We sontos now kill each other to control the mines the creatures inhabit. We die to obtain mindless, symbiotic organisms that keep us alive.

We thought they were mindless. We thought they were symbiotic.

But one has risen up, separate from the rest of his species. It wages a long and secret campaign against all sontos. This cimmerian’s goal seems to be nothing short of the extinction of our race.

It is now up to the citizens of Wreene to protect what little remains of sontokind and prevent the looming threat that moves within the ranks of Manst.

— The Archives: Accounts from Ages Past