The Writer


Micah Metz

I was born in Marion, Indiana. From a very young age I loved super heroes; as a kid, I would play with action figures for literally hours on end. When I got older I started watching cartoons and reading comic books. As time went on, my love of storytelling grew. I love watching good story telling whether it is TV, movies, video games, comic books, or some other way creative people find to tell stories, I eat the stuff up! My wife, Maggie, has been my biggest support and cheerleader during the book writing process. 

As for Burdens of Draco, I have been writing it for four years. I have been writing and re-writing, editing and tweaking, making sure the story has an impact on the reader--making sure that it is a story that not only excites the reader but moves them emotionally. With help from a few sample readers and my editor, A.J. Ellis, the story is now complete. The rough page count for the story is 280 pages, which makes for a pretty hefty graphic novel. That is why we are splitting it into 20 page issues. I am most excited to see how reader reacts to the twists and turns placed throughout the book and the interesting characters that they will meet.

The artist


Charissa Beukema

Hey, there! I'm an overtly passionate illustrator, concept artist, and storyteller currently residing in Houston, Texas.

I'm inspired by everything my senses touch--the movies I watch, the books I read, the music I hear, the games I play, the life I live--it all finds its way into my artwork and writing. That inspiration pours itself out with a vengeance daily. There are so many stories in my brain constantly vying for attention it can be hard to settle on just one at a time. But I look forward to setting each of them free, sharing them with more than just myself.

It might seem counterproductive, but this goal of setting stories free is exactly why I signed on with Micah. When Micah approached me about illustrating Burdens of Draco,  I saw a story itching to be unleashed and a creator desperate to share it. It was a sight I couldn't help but be sympathetic toward. While Draco may not be my brain child, I'm stoked to create it, share it, and set it free.

In so doing, I might just set my own stories free, too.


Visit me at!

The Archivist


Matt Henderson

I live in Ohio with my wife and three kids. Having just turned 40, I have been alive long enough to have some pretty great inspiration for writing. Any parent could write a book made up only of stories from raising kids.

However, my enjoyment of crafting stories started when I was little. I used to spend hours sketching out little worlds on paper and filling them with characters. As I grew up, I got more involved in both digital Role Playing Games as well as Pen and Paper RPGs. Both of these were pretty exceptional outlets for crafting good story.

My writing style lends more towards deep character development which is why I have enjoyed being part of the Burdens of Draco team. Micah has the world pretty well fleshed out. He has given me the freedom to fill it with interesting characters.

My primary role in BoD is to write the Archive entries. The small lore items that fill in details we couldn't cover in the comic. I am currently working on a couple larger projects we call Side Stories.