Interesting. Gripping. Dramatic.

I just finished reading your comic for probably the 5th time and I got to say I really do enjoy reading it. You have introduced the characters, the plot, the different rules for your universe, and all the other more minor details while trying to maintain being interesting and gripping.

I say this as someone who has collected and read hundreds of comics, you have created a great product and I really look forward to seeing what you do with it. You did a great job beginning the story and setting the base for the rest of the comic. I really look forward to getting to know the characters more, I’m interested to know more about their biological makeup, learning their back stories and seeing them in action. I’m also interested to see more battle scenes and the villain get more depth as well.

One of my favorite comic arcs was when the vision and scarlet witch were having their first child. It was a 12-issue series and even in all its twists and turns I thought your birthing narrative (even in a couple of short pages) was just as, if not more, dramatic. That was definitely a win. It was a dark scene but was paralleled with a great victory. I think that theme rang true throughout the entire book.

- Jacob Oglesby, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts