Just the tip of the Iceburg.

It’s hard to write an unbiased review of Burdens of Draco “The Birth of Good and evil” knowing all of the hard work, patience, and perseverance that has been poured into the project. It’s also challenging to pinpoint my thoughts as this first issue is just the “tip of the iceberg” of a story that has unlimited potential.

I need to start off by saying that this issue is phenomenal. The artwork, the build of tension, and the introduction to a whole new world and biology is quite extraordinary. Reading through this comic was all the more enjoyable after diving into the characters and world of Tronun. Micah Metz has certainly done the reader right by sharing the gritty details of Tronun and its inhabitants. Having this familiarity with the identities and biology made this story come to life for me. The storytelling came to life further by the vivid detail in the artwork.

I am ecstatic that Charissa Beukema illustrated this issue and hope to see more from her. The way in which she brought this universe to life was brilliant and rousing. As a consumer, I feel left with so many questions that I want answers to. I hope to have more to sink my teeth into as this first issue was just enough to get me excited about the new world and its possibilities. The writer and illustrator have their work cut out for them! All-in-all, the first issue was an appetizing first bite in a five-course meal that I’m eager to enjoy to its completion.

- Trevor Kimball, Nashville, Tennessee